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Here are some things we really enjoyed reading; it turns out, you can learn about neuroscience for fun! These books (etc.) are geared toward an interested lay audience.

30-Second Brain: The 50 Most Mind-blowing Ideas in Neuroscience, Each Explained in Half a Minute, by Chris Frith and Anil Seth
The title says it all, really. This is a really fun book. Theories and ideas are simplified into bite size chunks, that you read in one sitting. By no means an extensive list of all the mind-blowing things in neuroscience, but it does a good job at covering a wide range of topics.

Books by the late Dr Oliver Sacks 
There are so many gems in this collection. He sheds light on bizarre neurological disorders, the nature of colourblindness, hallucinations, the visual language of the congenitally deaf, and much more.

On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins
Published 10 years ago, so some theories and technology may have moved on, but still a good and relevant read. He combines his two passions, computers and brains, and does a brilliant job of explaining many key concepts in the pursuit of creating artificial intelligence

Rat Park – Stuart McMillen
An entertaining, thought provoking and informative web comic about drug addiction and animal research. 

Inside the O’Briens by Lisa Genova
An insightful novel that tells the story of a police officer who has to come to terms with a diagnosis of Huntington’s Disease.