Neuroanatomy (e)

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Draw It To Know It Neuroanatomy: This website covers the anatomy of the brain and spinal cord in a detailed series of videos where they draw as they explain. I recommend the neurology/neuroscience curriculum! There is a payment system if you want more from the website but the videos are free

The Human Brain Colouring Book: A fun way to learn about the anatomy of the brain (and a bit of function) whilst also getting to colour things in!

Web Path Neuroanatomy Tutorials:  Look at the anatomy of real human brains! This resource has images of the real human brain allowing you to begin to appreciate the true anatomy of this fascinating organ. You can use it to learn and test yourself on different brain regions

Handwritten Tutorials: This YouTube channel will talk you through some basic anatomy and function with diagrams

Interactive Atlas Viewer: This is an interactive tool with mouse, developing mouse, and human brain sections. The left hand side is a stained section mirrored on the right with an anatomically labelled diagram. Hover over each area to find out what it is called, and use the dropdown lists in the upper right hand corner to navigate the different atlases.

The Biology Project Home > Developmental Biology:
Includes a collection of well-written and illustrated articles on how the brain develops.

Soton Brain Hub: this video tutorial introduces the structure of the human brain with a coronal section.

Brain dissection: this video tutorial by the University of Utah brings us into a brain dissection laboratory to introduce brain structures, nerves, and vessels.