(e) Biochemistry

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Biochemistry is the study of biological systems and their molecular function. This includes cell and developmental biology. Topics range from enzymology and metabolic pathways to genetics, genomics, systems, and synthetic biology.

Interactive concept in Biochemistry  – This website was set up by the editor Wiley as companion to the 2nd edition of Concepts in Biochemistry. It features an ‘interactive animations’ section, which contains multimedia user-friendly animations of a variety of complex biochemical processes. The website also offers tutorials into the structural and functional features of biomolecules, as well as a ‘Cutting Edge’ section highlighting developments in the field of biochemistry and presenting essential research techniques and protocols. -Cool but is super slow to load and requires Flash… RIP Flash.

The Medical Biochemistry  – This website introduces many biochemical pathways and concepts. It focuses a lot more on the detailed mechanisms behind those processes and how the various processes are disrupted in disease. It is a great tool when interested in pathway-specific molecular mechanisms. -Still works

The Biology Project – Biochemistry – This is a useful site with introductions to various concepts of biochemistry including amino acids and proteins, macromolecules, enzymes as well as  metabolic reactions. -Still works

AK LECTURES –  A very comprehensive YouTube series, about all things Biochemistry (and other topics too). The presenter is very clear and draws helpful diagrams as he goes. -This is awesome