Reflection Articles

Reflection Articles

Reflection pieces are designed to share personal experiences relevant to neuroscience. Here, individuals that have experienced a mental health or neurological issue, or neuroscience researchers/practitioners share their thoughts and experiences.

My Reflection on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Anonymous | 30.JAN.2019

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects 1.2 % of the population, 12 in every 1000 people. It is a condition characterised by intrusive thoughts (obsessions), and behaviours aimed at ‘neutralising’ these thoughts (compulsions). Everyone has intrusive thoughts. They are those unwanted, nasty thoughts or images that unprecedentedly infiltrate your consciousness. If you are driving and you stop at a red light, you might think ‘what would happen if I took my foot off the brake and hit all of those people?’ When healthy people experience intrusive thoughts they are quickly dismissed, unstudied. In OCD the thoughts dominate, causing a lot of anxiety.Read More…

My reflections on studying Parkinson’s Disease

Lucia Fernandez Cardo | 18.JUN.2018

Parkinson’s disease (PD) owes its name to Doctor James Parkinson, who in 1817 described the disorder in his manuscript “An essay on the shaking palsy”. It has been 200 years since we began to study this disease, and despite the advances in understanding, we are still far from finding a cure. Read more…

Why I do what I do: Reflections on Schizophrenia research.

Niels Haan| 15.FEB.2018

Ask any savvy medical researcher why they do what they do, and nine out of ten times the answer is “to help humanity” or some similarly grandiose statement. In reality, this is of course a far more complicated question, and this is different for everyone.  The real reason may be as prosaic as “it pays the bills”. If you will indulge me, let me tell you my very personal story about why I do what I do. Read more…

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