Class: Hardy Northerner

+ (3) Waterproof everything

+ (4) Bold Yorkshire sarcasm

+ (2) Doggo spotter extraordinaire

+ (2) ‘Dead canny’


Base Equipment:

Heavy statement earring + (1) Beauty is pain

Avocados + (3) Faddy nutrients

Bass guitar + (1) Beat feelin’

Sketchpad + (2) Inspirational whimsy


Beasts to tackle: Caffeine dependence and the MATLAB monster


Bio: A native northerner, Lauren is far from home in the lush and sheep filled lands of South Wales. After a confusing start to an academic career which began in illustration and design, Lauren decided her true calling lay in matters of the mind which lead her to pursue a BSc in Psychology in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (and pick up some of the local vocab). After successfully navigating the minefield of mindfulness and feelings, she decided life wasn’t quite hard enough, and Lauren moved on to do an MRes in Neuroscience, also in Newcastle. After swimming through the depths of biomedical research, she emerged with another degree under her belt, experience in dementia neuropathology, and a bright idea for a research proposal. Fast forward, and here she is in Cardiff doing her PhD in which she works with dementia patients, MRI machines, and everything in between. When she gets a spare minute, Lauren likes to stretch her legs in the countryside and coastlines of Wales, lift heavy things in CrossFit, stroke someone’s dog or can be found desperately trying to feed her caffeine addiction.

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