S1, Ep 1: Emma Yhnell

Neurotransmission, S1 Episode 1
Emma Yhnell: Science Public Engagement, Huntingon’s Disease & Brain Training

The Neurotransmission is a podcast by The Brain Domain. This episode is hosted and edited by Jonathan Fagg and Rachael Stickland. Thanks to Jerry Zho (https://www.yuezhuo.co.uk) for the intro and outro music, and Aly Bartley ( www.alybartley.com) for help with creating the podcast logo. Hear Emma talk about engaging people with science at 1:59, Huntington’s disease at 6:43 and brain training at 10:38. 


Emma Yhnell is a Health and Care Research Wales Fellow, working with people impacted by Huntington’s disease. Emma is based at the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute at Cardiff University. Emma loves knowing that her work has a real impact on the family members of those living with Huntington’s disease. She also really enjoys talking about her to job, to inspire others and to promote and raise awareness of Huntington’s disease.

Prior to working with patients Emma completed her PhD on Huntington’s disease in the Brain Repair Group at Cardiff. Additionally, she has won multiple awards for her outreach, including being a finalist in 2017 for Womenspire Chwarae Teg Rising Star award. Fun fact, Emma is one of triplets! Sadly she has not seen a wombat, but wants to (The Brain Domain team like wombats, if you didn’t already know).