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Use this page to submit an article for consideration to The Brain Domain. The requirements are pretty simple: We require articles to be written in English, to focus on a topic that can be described as (or related to) Neuroscience, and to follow one of our described article formats (read our guidelines here). If you don’t know what to write about then please Contact Us and we can suggest a couple of ideas.

When you first submit, we will also require a couple of bits of information about you. These are (1) your name, (2) a contact email address, and (3) a summary of what qualifies you to write about neuroscience (e.g. qualifications or life experiences).

We would also like some information about the article you are submitting. These are (1) the type of article (select from drop down), (2) the intended audience, and (3) the draft title and text of your article. Once we recieve it, we’ll contact you about the next few stages before we publish it. If you become a regular writer we’re more than happy to give you a spot on the site for your stuff!