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It is increasingly important that those pursuing a research career are skilled at communicating science to the wider public. Yet, there are few opportunities to develop this ability, and they are often time consuming and inflexible. Subsequently, we created the Brain Domain to provide a platform for young neuroscientists to communicate both their own research, and other works that they find interesting.

Why join the Brain Domain?

Whilst you can make your own blog (see Kira’s here), it’s difficult to keep on top of everything yourself. You need to publish regularly, and there isn’t necessarily anyone to help you improve your writing. By working together we hope to make it a bit easier on us all. There is no strict publishing time line, which means you can write when you have the time or inspiration. We work together to edit articles for both scientific accuracy and readability. We also have an in-house editor (Jon), who can tell you if your article makes sense to a lay audience, and improve structure. Lastly, as we rely on social media to reach our audience, by working together we can have a wider reach and impact, and have more opportunities to promote our articles.


If you think it could be fun and want to be a part of the Brain Domain, then we want to hear from you! The first step is to submit a rough draft of an article to us. You can do that on the Submit page. If you know what you want to write about then go for it, but make sure it fits into one of our article formats by looking at our Article Guidelines page. If you want to be involved but want us to give you more structure and a title to work with, then contact us directly about it on the Contact Us page.

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