Can’t or Won’t – An Introduction To Apathy.

 By Megan Jackson Edited by Sam & Chiara Often, when a person hears the word apathy, an image comes to mind. A glassy-eyed teenager scrolling vacantly through their phone while their parent looks on in despair. While comical, it does not reflect what apathy really is clinically: a complex symptom that has important clinical significance….

The healing power of companionship

  By Shireene Kalbassi Edited By Sophie & Monika When it comes to the recovery of wounds and other medical conditions, most people probably think of hospital beds, antibiotics, and maybe some stitches. What probably doesn’t come to mind is the role that companionship may play in speeding up the healing process. And yet, studies in humans…

How to read a baby’s mind

By Priya Silverstein  Edited by Jonathan and Rachael Priya, a guest writer for The Brain Domain, is a second-year PhD student at Lancaster University. She spends half her time playing with babies and the other half banging her head against her computer screen. Okay, I’ll admit that was a bit of a clickbait-y title. But…

Organ Donation: A No-Brainer, Right?

Organ donation. It’s an unusual topic for neuroscience (unless you’re talking about this), but the brain might just present the biggest issue preventing the advancement of this essential field. Why? Because a recent innovation relies on growing human organs inside pigs, and the initial studies show that we risk human cells entering the pig brains….