Class: Millenial Nightmare
+ (2) hummus
+ (4) “you haven’t heard of them”

Base Equipment:
Doctor Marten boots + (3) Endurance
Someone else’s Netflix account + (1) And chill

Beasts to tackle: Inferiority complex

Bio: At the age of 23, Sophie has decided to dedicate her life to advances in neuroscience and crushing the patriarchy in equal measure. She obtained a BA in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford, at Corpus Christi, the smallest (and best) college. You will currently find her wandering the lab looking lost, wondering if she can ask scary post-docs where the pipette tips are AGAIN. In the infantile stages of her PhD she has yet to commit to a topic, but suspects it may involve associative learning, social behavior and disorder. When not wandering the lab lost she is wandering her new home town of Cardiff lost, wondering where she can find a pub as good as those in Oxford.