Rae (o)

Rae – Founding Member
June 2015 – May 2018

Class: Warrior in training
+ (∞) Clumsiness
+ (3) Busy Bee

Base equipment:
Angry White Pyjamas + (4) Ninja Skills
Fantasy Books + (7) Imagination

Beast to tackle: Neurodegenerative nasties & mental health monsters.

Bio: Rae has always been fascinated by diseases and disorders of the human body. She is studying a PhD at the NMHRI, where she had previously worked trying to persuade cells to grow. Her PhD focuses on characteristing a model carrying a gene mutation implicated in schizophrenia. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology from Keele University, and was most passionate about studying brain diseases. After a brief interlude for her biology dissertation, spent chasing frogs around a Honduran jungle, she went on to obtain a MRes Biosciences (Neuroscience and Translational Medicine) from the University of Bath.

When not in the lab Rae likes geeking out about various books, games, tv-shows and movies, to the point she could cameo on the Big Bang Theory. Additionally she spends a large amount of her time participating in activities that, quite frankly, are not recommended for someone so clumsy. These include karate (2nd Dan blackbelt), competitive paintball (Celtic Druids & GB Women’s team, it is a sport, honest!), weightlifting and horse riding.


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