Rachael – Founding Member
June 2015 – May 2018

Writer and Editor for The Brain Domain. Some examples:

Rachael also helped set up The Brain Domain’s Resources section, and edit the first episode of the Neurotransmission podcast.

 Rosy Rambler
+ (5) Adventure planning
+ (3) Cheerful disposition

Base Equipment:
Moral compass + (3) Direction
Badass Bicycle + (2) Exploration

Beasts to tackle: The Linux Lich

Bio: Rachael received her first degree, a Psychology BSc, from the University of Reading. Here she developed an interest in psychology, neuroscience and mathematics. Whilst at Reading, she volunteered for Student Minds, and worked for a year as a research assistant, investigating ways to facilitate language recovery post-stroke.

Now she is doing a Neuroscience PhD at Cardiff University, based at CUBRIC, and funded by The Wellcome Trust. She focuses on investigating energy dynamics in the brain, trying to answers questions such as: How does the vascular system respond to brain activity? How does the right amount of oxygen get delivered to the brain tissue that needs it? How are these mechanisms impaired in the disease Multiple Sclerosis? This involves measuring neural activity (using Magnetoencephalography) and the vascular response (using fMRI).

Oh yeah, and she’s a big fan of wombats.  

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