Oly (o)

Oly – Founding Member
June 2015 – May 2018

Class: English Dandy:
+ (6) Kookiness
+ (2) Posh-Snobbery
+ (4) Facetious whimsy

Base Equipment:
A Silly Bear Hat + (3) Childish nature
A Totoro Wallet + (5) Conversation starter

Beast to Tackle: The Brain Domain and regenerative medicine

Bio: Oly received his first degree in Human Psychology from Aston University, where he also picked up the university prize for his research manipulating metacognition to enhance intrinsic memory processes. He is now a PhD student on the Integrative Neuroscience Wellcome Trust Course at Cardiff University. His research project involves refining regenerative medicines for neurological loss, modelled in Huntington’s Disease, specifically studying the role of epigenetic memory in induced pluripotent stem cells. Previously he worked with patients of neurodegenerative disorders in end-of-life care and in neurological rehabilitation in an acquired brain injury unit, where his interest in atrophic neurological illnesses was originally born and fostered.

Outside of Neuroscience, Oly is a pretty decent cook. For instance, right now, whilst writing this brief biography, he has banana bread in the oven. Who doesn’t love banana bread? Nobody. That’s who. Otherwise he has a whole host of hobbies, perhaps the most painful of which is his love of Pokémon: it’s so bad that he spends some of his spare time making his own fan game. Maybe one day the Pokémon Company and Nintendo will realise they need a neuroscientist to help design their next game? Until then, he’ll settle for helping people by generating new bits of brain.


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