Class: Polish Grump
+ (2) Sternness
+ (3) Inappropriate humour
+ (2) Confusing accent

Base Equipment:
Soft jumpers + (4) Permanent cosiness
Penny skateboard + (2) Spectacular falls

Beasts to tackle: That remains to be seen.

Bio: Monika got her BSc degree from the University of Edinburgh, in Psychology. While at Edinburgh, she was part of undergraduate research group and tried to convince machine learning classifiers to work. She also spent a year at the University of Sydney, working on attention and visual processing, petting wallabies and failing miserably at surfing.

She is now in the nursery of her PhD, wandering from one lab to another. Currently, she is looking at the role of the immune genes in psychiatric disorders and desperately trying to decide what topic to commit to for another three years.

If she is not frantically pacing around the lab, she is probably sewing dresses and knitting hats nobody wants to wear. She may also be in the garden, hanging out with her misanthropic cat and persuading tomatoes to grow.