Class: Wise Welsh Wordsmith
+ (5) Life Experience
+ (3) Minecraft Dependency

Base Equipment:
Rainbow lanyard + (3) Free Stuff
Cup of coffee + (5) Addictive Personality
Inability to catch – (2) Hand-Eye Coordination

Beasts to tackle: Huntington’s disease and inappropriately-timed openness

Bio: Laura did “every job”, including Beauty Therapy, before starting her Psychology degree at Cardiff and graduating with the prize for Best Final Year Project at the grand old age of 30.  Her degree afforded her a summer research project; an internship; a year living in Leipzig while on professional placement; and a project in Cambridge as part of the Amgen Scholars Programme.

Intending to research visual perception for her PhD, her interest was instead piqued during a rotation in a Huntington’s disease lab; and this is now where she works on disease-modifying genetic mutations.

She is typically found with a coffee in her hand, entertaining (distracting) the other office members with one of her many tales about life before academia.  Occasionally you’ll find her jogging very slowly around the park; but more likely she’ll be in the pub talking about chocolate Labradors or lamenting her age.