Kira (o)

Kira – Founding Member
June 2015 – May 2018

Class: Token American
+ (8) Kinetic Energy
+ (6) Lion Hair
+ (4) Spontaneous Dancing

Base Equipment:
Colour mismatched shoes + (3) Style
Blaster Hip Bag + (2) Steam-punk Storage

Beast to Tackle:  Neuroepigenetics

Bio: Kira is a PhD student in Integrative Neuroscience at Cardiff University. She received a Bachelor of Science in Genetics and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of California in 2014. She should have also received a Bachelor of Athletics in Track and Field Heptathlons, because she sure spent enough time on that, but apparently those aren’t a thing. Perfectly comfortable as a dreamer of improbable dreams, Kira is very interested in synthesizing disparate concepts to find new perspectives with which to challenge our world-views. It doesn’t take much to guess her scientific interest (neuroepigenetics), as she won’t shut up about it. Her PhD is focused on an imprinted gene called GRB10 and its role in brain and behavior. (Yes, behavior. Why do you insist on extra letters people?)



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