Class: Trivia Collector

+ (4) Morning person

+ (5) Plant parent

– (3) Remember actually useful things


Base Equipment:

+ (2) Floppy Hair

+ (4) Gym Kit


Beast to tackle:

Why do we think we’re so good at perceiving stuff, when we’re actually terrible?



In 2016 BCE, Josh completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Cardiff University.  Being a glutton for punishment, he elected to stay in academia and pursue a PhD in auditory science.  Despite his avoidance of getting a real job, he enjoys lowering himself from the ivory tower and talking to normal people about science.  

He has only recently joined the Brain Domain crew, and has taken on the mammoth task of editing Neurotransmission, the Brain Domain’s podcast.  In his free time he enjoys acting, playing D&D, and imagining what it would be like to have free time.