Jonathan – Founding Member
June 2015 – May 2018

Editor for The Brain Domain. Some examples:

Jonathan also kickstarted our Neurotransmission podcast.

Class: Internet Explorer
+ (6) Wordplay
+ (5) Coffee Dependency

Base Equipment:
Anecdotes + (3) Charm
Semi-Colons + (2) Grammar
Grappling Hook + (3) Dexterity

Beast to tackle: The Folly of Man.

Bio: Jon is really quite interested in science, but is not a scientist. So, what is he doing here? Well, he has turned this lack of expertise into a positive, and helps neuroscientists explain their work to others who haven’t spent years studying the brain.

Jon is a qualified teacher and graduate of the University of Birmingham’s BA in English & American Literature. Currently a student on Cardiff University’s MSc in Computational & Data Journalism, Jon strives to make writing accurate, accessible and interesting.

Also, he once got retweeted by Scroobius Pip, which is a big deal, if you’ve heard of Scroobius Pip.