Class: Internet Explorer

  • + (6) Wordplay
  • + (5) Coffee Dependency

Base Equipment:

  • Anecdotes + (3) Charm
  • Semi-Colons + (2) Grammar
  • Grappling Hook + (3) Dexterity

Beast to tackle: The Folly of Man.

Bio: Jon is really quite interested in science, but is not a scientist, unless you can count having an awesome beard as a science, which you can’t.

So, what on earth is he doing here? Well, he is a qualified English teacher, a literature graduate and a grammar nerd, whilst also being quite charming. This means that, not only is he great at helping other people make sense, as well as correcting their mistakes, he does so without being too irritating. He also makes delicious brownies, which come in handy when he isn’t charming enough.

Also, he once got retweeted by Scroobius Pip, which is a big deal, if you’ve heard of Scroobius Pip.