Ellen – Founding Member
June 2015 – Sept 2017

Class: Brash Northerner:
+ (6) Accidental Humour
+ (5) Hands on
+ (4) Explaining shit

Base Equipment:
Fountain of pens + (4) Note taking
Mighty boots + (7) Stomping

Beasts to tackle:  Neurodevelopmental disorder and Goblin of constant, inappropriate swearing

Bio: Ellen, when first asked to write a bio responded in limerick form, this should tell you most things you need to know about her. She began her adventure down south at Keele University where she obtained her first degree (a dual honors because always do two things at once where possible) in Neuroscience and Psychology. Wasting no time she also acted as a psychology research assistant during her degree and got a small Wellcome Trust grant to take a summer placement researching cochlear development. Thus assured that research was her calling she continued the quest to Cardiff where she has begun her PhD. Her research project involves characterising a model of Autism spectrum disorder that can help collaborators working with patients to identify the cause of some of their symptoms.

When not in the lab and also not working (as she is constantly reminded “working at home is not the same as time off”) Ellen can often be found with a nice pint, flying around a fantasy universe on her computer. She also enjoys a good book and the company of her two cats (of course she has cats, look at that t-shirt).