Class: Italian sea dweller
+ (3) Swim in deep waters
+ (4) Warmness
+ (3) Star Chef

Base Equipment:
Extra lunch box + (3) Resilience
Invisibility cloak+ (4) Stealth

Beasts to tackle: Impostor Syndrome and fear of flying

Bio: Chiara thought she would be a lawyer. When she realised how disastrous and numbing embarking in a law career would be for her life, she moved to London for a new start. After perfecting the art of coffee making and English speaking for a couple of years, she got her BSc in Psychology and her MSc in Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience. She then moved to Cardiff University and fell in love with the study of white matter microstructure. She is currently working on a project using biophysical models to look at myelination in Huntington’s Disease. When she is not at work and miserably failing at scripting, she can usually be found eating pizza(s) and drinking red wine(s).