Dogs and Coffee Shops on the Brain

Dogs understand human, but do you understand Dog?

If you’ve ever heard the claim that dogs don’t understand what you’re saying to them, only how you say it, then it’s time to check your facts! An MRI study in Hungary has established dogs not only process intonation, but also words. Dogs need both words and intonation to be positive to activate their reward centre. So saying “Aren’t you a stupid dog?” in a praising manner won’t fly any more…

Watch this video for a quick overview
Read a bit more about it here


Got writing work to do? Going to Coffee shops is no longer just for the pretentious! It’s just common sense.

All hipster-jokes aside, have you ever noticed that sometimes you get more done working in a Coffee Shop? Is it the background noise? The caffeinated air? A change of scenery? Perhaps, but it may actually be because concentration is contagious. A new study has found when you sit near people working hard, then your efforts also improve, regardless of whether you can see what they’re working on or not. It’s far from conclusive (we have a couple of questions ourselves), but this could go some way to establishing why some of us prefer to work in “free wifi establishments” instead of in the office.

Read some more about it here
Read the original paper here

Image sourced from imgur

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